#BodybyIza yay or nay?


As probably many of you guys have seen Izabel Goulard is dedicated to Sport.
But my question is how much is too much?
If you ask me:
I reall love Izabel as a model. She is so incredibly beautiful and one of my favourit VS models.
Victoria´s Secret is about beautiful, healthy, happy confident women who embrace their bodies. Eventhough i think that Iza is beautiful, happy and confident, I don´t think that her sixpack, she recently showed her fans on Instagram, is typical for a VS model.And quite unhealthy because it looks like she is just muscles and bones.
I think it is good to do sports but  you can overdo things. 
I´m not the bigest fan of women with a massiv sixpack but anyway I´m happy to see her on the VS runway on the 9th of December, because she still is one of the most beauftiful Models.
Now what about you guys? Do you think she looks healthy or too many muscles?




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