Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals

I am truly obsessed with greek mythology so it is no miracle that I am in LOVE with those shoes.
As the name probably tells you there are inspired by ancient greek shoe designs, so basically they are similar to gladiator sandals .
The sandals are handmade locally in greece , using tecniques that have existed for centuries.  Since they are inspired by ancient Greek mythology, goddesses and nymphs they share their names with famous characers from the ancient storys like Medea, Klytemnestra or Kassandra.
For their shoes , the craftsmen use chemical-free and naturally tanned leather, which ages beautifully.
I think thy are a very very beatiful alternative to conventional gladiator sandels.
The shoes that you can see in the pictures are called" Medea" , "Ikaria" and " Kassandra" and they are probably my favourite designs. All of them are in the colour "cracked gold  and i think they are absolutly adorable, especially in the metallic colours. But you can get them in the natural leather colours like brown and black but they also exist in really cool metal colours e.g rose gold , gold ,silver and platinum. Unfortunatly they are not the priciest in the world the their collection rages from 120€ to 535€. My favourites, by the way cost Medea(160€ ), Ikaria( 150 €) and Kassandra(195€). Still I think they are super pretty and woth to invest in them. What do you guys think?




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