Fantasy Bra- A retrospective

Fantasy Bra- A retrospective

The Victoris's Secret Fashion Show

The Fantasy Bra Retrospective

Since the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be taped in two days I thought I'd take a look back at the fantasy bras in the history of the legendary Fantasy Bras.

This year it is the 20th anniverary of the lingerie fashion show. But not every year the fanatsy bra was shown in the show. After getting a lot of attention after their first show the brand thought about a way to make it even more exciting so they came up with the idea of a "million dollar bra". The birth of the first fantasy bra which one lucky Angel is assigned to model for the catalouge and the show.

You should know though that not every bra was part of the Fashion show. Thats why the bras in the pictures start in 2001. In this set I only wanted to include the bras during the show.( eventhough I couldn`t find a good pic of Marissa wearing it during 2009s Fashion show)

 In 1996 the " Million Dollar Miaclel Bra" was launched. It costed exactly 1 million dollar and was worn and presented by German supermodel Claudia Schiffer. Back then the bras werent as  creative an dopulent like the last years. An so wasnt the "Diamond dream " Fantasy bra worn by Tyra Banks in 1998 . The "Dream Angel Fantasy bra" got a little more creative since it was embroidered with flowerpatterns. After that the started to completely cover their bras and panties in diamonds like the sapphire covered 10 million dollar "Millenium bra" worn in 1999 by Supermodel Heidi Klum and the record setting 15 milliion dollar" Red hot fantasy bra" worn by Gisele Bündchen in 2000. After that the bras were also shown on the runwa except Tyra Banks second fantasy bra in 2004. But after the two incredibly expensive fantasy bras the prices went down a little bit to 12.5 million dollar :D and the diamonds were no longer set on an actual bra. The most unique shape had Heidi Klums third an last Fantasy bra in 2003 show wore the triangular shaped "Very Sexy Fantasy Bra " over an ordinary piece of lingerie during 2003 s show. Another unique pice was Selita Ebanks " Holiday Fantasy Bra" or better outfit because the 4.5 million dollar outfit contains a bra, thong, garter, cuff and barrettte.

After having the diamonds again set directly on an ordinary bra form their collection, Candice Swanepoels " Royal Fantasy Bra" was moulded on her body. Which means it only fits her. And so were the " Dream Angel Fantasy Bras." worn by Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio during last years show. Also the bras contained dozents of body chains. This years "Fireworks Fantasy Bra" is worn by Lilly Aldridge. Personaly I think  the two bra special from last year would fit the 20th anniverary much better but still it is a gorgeous bra that Lilly is allowed to wear. 

FUNFACT: not even one Fantasy bra was prucesed. That means after a year these pieces of art are taken appart. What a shame.... I personally cannot wait for this years show. How about you which bra is your fav?

xx  -J


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