The End of Summer

As we're nearing the end of summer, rapidly by the way, the mornings are freezing but the afternoons are hot and the evenings are nice and warm. We need to change up our looks, it is way to cold in the mornings to leave the house in just a T-shirt or a dress. You would freeze on your way to the nearest tube station, trust me been there done that. But only because the mornings are could we shouldn't give the skirts and dresses or T-shirts up just yet. We need to Layer. Sounds pretty easy I know but it can get quite tricky. First of all you should always bare in mind, that everything you are goinig to take off in the afternoon you'll eventually will have to carry it around with you for the rest of the day. ( I've done the mistake of having put on to many layers. I've ended up carrying two(!!!) jackets around my sightseeing tour of Munich 2 years ago, that wasn’t any fun). So basically a nice semi thick jacket or cape will do the job pretty well. Personally I own quite a lot of semi thick jackets or leather jackets because they are really practical and you can wear them pretty much throughout the whole year. It is a staple( duh) . Capes on the other hand are a lot more versatile, not only style wise but also the way you use them. A Capes style rage varies from being extremely canoodely,casual and comfortable to being a chic accessory to pop on over a dress. But no matter what the occasion is you can wrap yourself up in it and look trendy. And FunFact you can use them as a blanket on the plane in the car or wherever you'll feel the need to take a little nap.

During the next week I'll be creating a lot more autumnal inspired sets on my polyvore page, some of which I'll post on my Blog aswell.
In the mean time check out my polyvore Collection Autumn in which I collected my favourite sets and Looks I created during the same time last year.

xx -JaciSummer


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