my fav makeup products

my fav makeup products

My Favourite Makeup Products.

First, I know I don’t post regularly on my blog. But I am trying to change that. SO today I want to talk about my favourite beauty products.
In this picture you can see all of them and it is a mix of drugstore to high end and luxury products.
I am not a massive foundation person; therefore it wouldn’t make any sense to splurge on an expensive foundation. Especially when I already found a great on that fulfils all my needs. I rarely wear foundation only to events where I want my face to look flawless. I LOVE the Bourgjois Healthy mix serum foundation because it is not only a light foundation with just the right amount of coverage, but it is also SPF free, which means there is no nasty flashback in pictures. I also love that it is slightly yellowish, so it brightens up my face and tones down my for ever red cheeks. The matching healthy mix concealer is great to, but I actually prefer the Collection lasting perfection concealer. It is about 3 pounds which is really affordable, but it is probably the best concealer I have tested so far. It has great coverage and lasts really well without creasing under your eyes. On a day to day basis I just use this on its own no foundation. Sticking to the daily products, everybody should use an eyebrow pencil especially if your eyebrows are no existent like mine. I am blonde so my eybrows need a lil colour. I love using the Loreal eyebrow pencil not only because their colour range is amazing but also because it is just so easy to use, and you get the little spoolie on the end as well. Also, the staying power is amazing. To be honest I don’t really take off my eyebrow pencil in the evening, and the next morning my eyebrows still look amazing. Another great product for eyebrows is the Benefit Gimme Brow Eyebrow gel, the shade range isn’t as big as the Loreal one but is a great product if your in a rush you just brush the gel through and you are good to go. However, I had the feeling it faded faster than the Loreal pencil.
Sticking to Eyes, I cannot live without eyeliner. I know I didn’t include one in the set, but I’ll link my favourite eyeliner down below as well, for many years now I have been loyal to the Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner in dark brown. It has a super thin felt tip which makes it really easy to apply. And the dark brown doesn’t look as harsh on you as black, especially on a day to day basis.
Another product I didn’t include in this set is the waterproof Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara. I have been using it since I can remember using mascara and I still do love it, especially the big wand. But for a couple of months now I have been loving the Tarte Lights Camera Splashes mascara, for one reason. It’s staying power. This mascara really is waterproof. Don’t get me wrong the Maybelline is to but I sometimes feel it is not seat proof. The tarte one however definitely is. It literally stays on until you remove it(you need a really need a good cleanser for it. I love the Garnier Skin active micella water with argan oil which is especially for waterproof makeup)

As you can see I include three eyeshadow palettes but trust me I could have listed many more. My absolute favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette. Honestly, I love it so much. The colours, the pigmentation, the texture, the packaging…. I could rave about it the whole day. And It is so easy to use. You basically need only one blending brush and you could apply all colours with it. (except for the pigment, the lower left shade, you should use your fingers to pack it on) and the colours blend so easy, everyone can do a smoky eye with those eyeshadows. Another one I love is the Dior palette in 757 Dream they are not bronzy, which is surprising because I usually prefer natural colours. However, the purple and grey tones are so incredibly beautiful and surprisingly natural. And opposed to the Charlotte Tilbury quad, the colours are all matte which makes them even more natural. But of course, you can build it up to a beautiful purple smoky eye. The last palette I included is the Urban Decay Naked 2 basics. Probably because this was my first non-drugstore eyeshadow palette. But I basically love it for the same reason as the Dior one, it is extremely natural and convenient because you can create beautiful day looks that look like you’re not wearing makeup at all but you can also amp them up to a great evening smoky eye.

Unfortunately I have incredibly oily eyelids so I definitely have to use an eyeshadow primer. The Urban decay primer potion is simply the best. My Eyeshadow literally stays on for ever. Even after swimming my shadows look incredible.
Moving on to the last two products. Bronzer and highlighter. They are both by Benefit the Hoola light perfect for my skin colour. I am quite pale so the regular Hoola sometimes looked quite orange but the light is just amazing. A great contour product is by the way the collection Precision Contour stick. As well as the hoola light he has a grey undertone and therefore doesn’t look orange at all. Now last but not least the Girl meets pearl highlighter. I got a mini size in a tube which makes it super easy to apply. It is a a rosy, golden colour which blends perfectly with my slight red cheeks and catches the light beautifully. But like foundation this Is a product I don’t use daily.

I hope you found this post entertaining and helpful. If you have any questions or recommendations leave a comment below.

-x Jaci


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